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Indiana weather is very harsh on your outdoor concrete. If you live near a main artery road, your driveway becomes the turnaround point when people have lost their way. Or if you have heavy duty machinery or trucks, it can get broken down over time. That is why we are so sought after to repair or rebuild driveways. As with our other project options, we can customize to your specifications. If you need to expand or simply make it better, JS Concrete is here for you.

A common question we field is – ‘Do we need to repair or have a totally new driveway installed?’ Obviously every situation is different, but our team of experts can honestly assess what is the best route. We won’t tell you yes every time so we can obtain a larger, more expensive project. We want you satisfied with our work so you will come back for all your concrete needs.

Go get as many quotes as you want, but be sure they truly reflect what you have asked as opposed to a standard and plain driveway. We are confident you will come back to us because of our affordability and responsiveness to your needs. We pride ourselves on quality of work and have some of the best professionals in the business.



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